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Category AM (moped) – minimum age 16

  • Two-wheeled vehicle with a maximum design speed of 45 km/h (28 mph)
  • three- or four-wheeled vehicle with a maximum design speed over 25 km/h (15.5 mph), up to 50 cc and with a power output not exceeding 4 kW.

Category A1 – minimum age 17

  • motorcycles up to 125 cc, with a power output not exceeding 11 kW
  • tricycles with a power output not exceeding 15 kW.

Category A2 – minimum age 19

  • motorcycles with a power output not exceeding 35 kW.

Category A

  • unrestricted motorcycles with a power output over 35 kW (minimum age 24 under direct access, or 21 under progressive access)
  • tricycles with a power output over 15 kW (minimum age 21).
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Reasons not to commute on a motorcycle to work – SOLVED!

Many people think that there are too many reasons not to ride to work, with some excuses being space and others the weather. Well we have a solution to them all, read below and see us tackle each reason separately:

  1. Work clothing not suitable

You are right in thinking that a suit is not suitable for riding into work but you do have other options. You could keep spare clothing in work which you could change in to after your commute. Or even more simply, you could pack a change of clothes and take them with you every day. All it takes is a quick trip to the bathrooms and you go from biker to worker in no time.

  1. Commute to work is too short/long

You need to pick the correct motorcycle to suit your needs and don’t worry, there is always one to suit your needs. Our range of scooters and small bikes, such as 125/500cc bikes, are suitable for short journeys and city riding. Whereas if you have a long journey each day, touring motorcycles can work better for you. People use all types of bikes for commuting but just be sure that whatever you pick you are comfortable.

  1. Commuting on a motorcycle takes the same amount of time as a car

Well would you believe it is actually faster than travelling via car and can save you up to 3 hours travelling per week. Because you can weave through stationary traffic and use bus lanes you immediately have an advantage. We can however safely say that commuting by motorcycle beats commuting by public transport every time!

  1. Nowhere to park the motorcycle

Well you can park a motorcycle in the same places as you would park a car. Most public carparks actually allow you to park your motorcycle for free (check your local borough’s rules). So parking shouldn’t be an issue.

  1. Errands and carrying items

There are plenty of solutions to this problem. There is kit available for all motorcycles which can help with this such as top boxes, tank bags and panniers. You can also use options such as courier bags and bungee ropes. If its transporting others with you that causes a problem, it is easily solved. As long as your passenger, even children, has the correct safety gear ie a helmet, then they can ride with you.

  1. Sometimes it rains…

Well unfortunately in this country it happens more often than not. This problem links in with the “work wear is not appropriate” problem – as long as you have the correct motorcycle clothing it is not an issue. There are plenty of waterproof options available that will ensure you do not get drenched.

  1. No comforts ie phone, audio, coffee that you can have in a car.

Well yes the comfort of a car can be nice but these reasons should limit your commuting on a bike. There are ways to get these things even when riding through items like helmet speakers, hands-free holders and many more. You can customise your motorcycle to fit your everyday needs.

See all problems can be solved – if you can think of anymore, let us know and we will try and solve them for you!

The only problem you have left is – how can you get started?

If you already hold a motorcycle licence, come on down to our showroom and we will talk you through the many options you have for motorcycle commuting.

If you haven’t got a licence don’t worry! We have an instructor that can take you through the essential tests to get you on the motorcycle of your dreams. You need a minimum of a CBT test to ride a motorcycle up to 125cc with L plates, but this is a simple and quick test to do so it’ll not be long until you are on the open road

Call us now for more information or to book your motorcycle lessons on 02890796878!

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